2021 PREMIER Team Registration – Full Payment




$1900  based upon a 8 game season and 4 team playoffs.  Please note that field rental fees have gone up substantially.

Fees are calculated by taking the number of regular season games times ~$240.  Any playoff games to determine the winner of a division are included.  If we increase the number of regular season games, there will be an added fee which will be billed separately.

Canceling the payments or insufficient funds will result in forfeited games and a reduction of a point per week until your account is brought current.

The league may choose to play weeknight games during the regular season or the playoffs.  We will charge an additional light fee of $50 per game per team which is not included in this registration.

By registering your team you agree to be financially responsible for any and all payments due.  You also agree to follow the league rules which can be found here: https://coloradopremierleague.com/rules/