Elite Team Registration – $550 Deposit w 2 Automatic Payments

$550 down & $600 / month for two months



$1750 total based upon a 7 game season and 4 team playoffs depending on the size and configuration of the bracket(s).   If more than 4 teams will make the playoffs in total, each team will be charged $200 per game for the semifinal and final.

After your initial payment, total outstanding fees will be charged to your card on a monthly basis (payments plus registration fees).

Example, sign up on 2/15/23 and pay $550 down with a credit card. On 3/15/23, $600.00 will be deducted from your card.  On 4/15/230, the final payment of $600.00 will be deducted from your card.  This example does not include processing fees.

Canceling the payments or insufficient funds will result in forfeited games and a reduction of a point per week until your account is brought current.

The league may choose to play weeknight games during the regular season or the playoffs.  We will charge an additional light fee of $50 per game per team to cover lights which is not included in this registration.

By registering your team you agree to be financially responsible for any and all payments due.  You also agree to follow the league rules which can be found here: https://coloradopremierleague.com/rules/