Player Fines, Protests, Hearings

Fine, Suspension and Protest Rules

League Hearing Procedures

In the case where the league must suspend a player, coach, or team, a hearing may be held to make a decision or series of decisions as required. Hearings may also be called for by the league to handle team or game protests, in season rule changes, etc.

A volunteer panel of five people will be asked to serve. Four coaches from a division not related to the issue (one coach is an alternate), one outside disinterested person appointed by the league, and one referee.

Roles: One of the coaches shall lead the panel. The referee or the disinterested party may NOT lead the panel. Each volunteer will receive 1 vote. All five panel members must vote.

Scope: The panel shall answer all of the questions asked by the league. If there is a request for a decision outside the stated scope provided, the panel must receive permission from the league.

Procedures: The group may meet and vote by email, phone, text, video, or live.

Meeting 1: Review and discuss the questions posed by the league. Assign a volunteer to collect more information, interview players, coaches, spectators, or witnesses as appropriate and needed.

Meeting 2: Discuss any new information, ask the league any questions about policy, US Soccer Rules, and precedents. Come to a decision if possible. Assign someone to give the league a written decision.