Spring 2023 Announcement


Welcome to the spring 23 season!  Long message.  Please read Carefully.

As you know, we start March 26.   The entire schedule has been posted but please only plan for week one and two.  There are always changes.  We are off for Easter, Mother’s day (may be used for rescheduled games), and Memorial day.  I anticipate that the season will be complete by June 18.  Women will be done much earlier so that players can participate in the WPSL.

I will be unavailable from 3/24 to 4/8.  This is the group that will support you while I’m gone.  For scheduling purposes (weather etc.), contact Thomas Habtemicael ([email protected]) 303-887-7127.  For any Referee questions contact Lela Marcin [email protected].  For any CASA technical problems, please contact James French [email protected].

All teams must be registered with CASA.  All players must be on your team in CASA.  If you encounter a problem with registration or a transfer, please contact [email protected].  Be proactive and register early. 

All teams must provide two copies of your CASA roster that are less than 24 hours old.  Give both copies to the referee to check in.

Players requiring a transfer should go to www.soccercasa.com and click on player transfer.  This process can take up to a week because releasing team managers need to respond. Do them early. Transfer rules on our rules page here: https://coloradopremierleague.com/cpl-league-rules/.  Important that everyone review the league rules.

Teams playing at Broomfield at 9AM must put up nets and flags.  Fields 2 and 3 are on the south side of the park, furthest from the parking lot.  To open the orange box, put in the lock code 7023. Push down on the lid.  Push in and release the lock.  Pull up on the lid.  There are enough nets and flags for 4 fields in the box.

Teams playing at Broomfield at 5PM (3PM if there is no game after you) must take down the nets and flags and put them back in the box.  Closing is the opposite of opening.  Box is full so be careful packing.  I anticipate someone (Albert Rico) will be there to help you.

Teams playing at Country Estates (April 2) at 11AM will put up the nets (2161-2209 Aspen St, Broomfield, CO 80020)

Teams playing at Country Estates at 1PM will take down the nets and flags and put them back in the box at the commons.  Country Estates is less than 1 mile from the commons.

In the Premier:

We will play 8 regular season games.  Top two teams get a playoff bye.  Teams 5 and 6 will pay $200 for a play in game against 3 and 4.  Then a semifinal and final.  Playoffs are likely to be night games.

In the Elite:

We have combined the over 30 and Elite divisions into one large division of 16.  You will play 7 games, a quarter final, semi and final.  Some of these games may be at night.

In the Women’s:

We currently have 5 teams with 2 possibly interested in taking the 6th spot.  There are BYEs in the schedule.  Those will disappear if we get the 6th team.  My hope Is to add that team in week 2.  If we have 5. we will play 5 regular season games.  Top team gets a playoff bye.  Teams 2 & 3 play a semi.  With six teams we will play a semi and final.  We will get done earlier so that players can participate in WPSL.  Some games near the end of the season may be at night.

Good Luck Everyone!