Weather & Field Conditions

CPL Weather Policy:

A game that reaches half time and is then abandoned is counted as a full game.  The score stands. 

A game that is abandoned before half time for weather will be replayed in full with the score 0-0.  Players receiving a red card in an abandoned game must serve their suspension and pay their fine as normal. Both teams are allowed 11 players on the replay. 

Weather delays are managed by the referees.  If your game is delayed, you must stay at the complex until the game is resumed or abandoned. Referees should not ask you to wait for more than 1 hour. 

A lightning delay lasts for 30 minutes after lightning in no longer in the area.  Please communicate with the referees so that they know where to find you to restart or abandon the game.

Adverse field conditions:

In the event of snow on a turf field, we are not allowed to shovel. If the snow is less than one inch, we may walk/run through it to play the game as long as we do not do any damage. If the turf is icy and unsafe, do not play.

On Grass, if there is water pooling on the field or very soft saturated ground/mud, we cannot play. It is crucial that we do everything we can to take care of our fields. Remember that we are guests.